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Accredited Russian translator in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Best reviews, superior quality, confidential, no outsourcing, made in Canada, affordable rates, rush service available. Documents for official use in Canada and internationally, including foreign courts, governments, consulates, embassies, Foreign Affairs Canada. Notarized translations for authentication and legalization. Reliable professional, NOT an agency


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Yekaterina B.: "Best Russian translator in Alberta!" ★★★★★

Andrew K.: "An excellent professional! Knowledgeable, punctual and a great person! Thank you for your help!" ★★★★★

Vasily K.: "Best translation services I ever experienced. Evgeny possesses not only outstanding professional skills but practices absolutely ethical, client-oriented model of business including consulting services in such a complicated area. I highly recommend him." ★★★★★

Elena P.: "Evgeny has been helping our family since 2009. He provides continuous support and guidance to our concerns, always gladly shares his knowledge to find optimal approaches. Evgeny is the great specialist that offers outstanding quality of work through high level of expertise and accuracy. He is sincere, easy to work with and reliable at all times. He is a true lifesaver - always caring and very helpful in time of distress. I give Evgeny my highest recommendation." ★★★★★

Sue C.: "Evgeny Zilberov translated the first part of my book "A Countess In Limbo" from old style Russian longhand into English. A very challenging assignment which Evgeny completed through much hard work and research. There are very few Russian translators who are able to successfully translate a literary work that was written over 100 years ago. I have had many compliments regarding his Russian to English translation from readers worldwide. Congratulations for an excellent job!" ★★★★★

Olga P.: "I would highly recommend Evgeny to anyone I know, because of his professionalism, patience and excellent translation service!" ★★★★★

Igor K.: "I have been working with Evgeny for about eight years, on different occasions, and every time I was impressed by his level of expertise, punctuality, and his utmost attention to detail. Over the years Evgeny provided me with the translated materials that always have been accepted and raised no questions. Evgeny’s outstanding legal background results in impeccable paperwork that you can trust and that ensures favorable consideration of your application. Evgeny is a highly skilled translator but he also has extensive experience of communication with various officials and governing bodies in Russia as well as in Canada and US. His knowledge of their practices and formal procedures is invaluable especially when there is urgency in your case or you cannot afford another try. You can rely on Evgeny’s advice and whatever your case it is most probably he worked with that before. I strongly recommend Evgeny as a translator if you need to make a request or apply for something with the translated version of your documents." ★★★★★

Ana M.: "The best service you can think about and a bit more!" ★★★★★

Ilona F.: "Evgeny possesses exceptional professionalism and charismatic personal qualities that make dealing with him an enjoyable experience. I was dreading the process of preparing a legal Russian document, based on my encounter of an inexperienced translator 10 years ago. This time I was recommended to use Evgeny's service. After that, it was like I found a pot of gold. The document was written by Evgeny and translated impeccably, thanks to his legal education and extensive knowledge of Russian system nuances, he also provided me with invaluable advice and instructions for finalizing the process. If you are looking for a translation service, consider yourself lucky, the best outstanding quality service ever. Feeling very grateful." ★★★★★

Tatiana K.: "Evgeny provides the best legal translation services I have been dealing with in preparation of the documents supporting invitations and sponsorship to Canada. Great attention to details, prompt and excellent communication, all the translations were accepted in CIC without notarization. Highly recommend!" ★★★★★

Natalie S.: "If you are looking for a translator in Calgary do not look an further... Highly professional, Evgeny offers competitive prices and outstanding quality of work to his clients. From my personal experience I would like to add that I was struggling for about a year with the preparation of some legal Russian documents before contacting Evgeny, who, having an extensive knowledge of Russian legal system and its bureaucratic machine, was able to give me advice as to how to proceed and the documents translated by him were accepted without delay. I cannot thank Evgeny enough..." ★★★★★

Nadia H.: "Evgeny provided pristine legal translation services meeting my timeline without compromising quality of output. I had an exceptional experience in translating my legal documents. Excellent value. Evgeny went above and beyond at every step of his services. Very helpful. Gave me an excellent advice how to finish my paper work in Ottawa. I can't thank Evgeny enough for saving me time, money and providing the best legal advice in my situation. I would highly recommend Evgeny to all my clients, business partners and friends. I will use his services in the future for sure. I used to live in New York City, Toronto and Vancouver and hands down Evgeny provided the best service ever. Thank you very much!" ★★★★★

Marina C.: "I highly recommend Evgeny to anyone looking for professional translation services. Evgeny is very quick at responding to all of the requests and he provides an outstanding customer service. He is very attentive to details and can get the job done very quick. I am very happy with the translation of my documents. Thank you very much and I will be happy to recommend you and use your translation services in the future!" ★★★★★

Vladislav S.: "Evgeny, you are the best!" ★★★★★

Maria K.: "It is my pleasure to recommend Evgeny Zilberov. Evgeny provided translation services for me on a few occasions. Each time the translation was done impeccably and on time. Evgeny’s professionalism and customer-oriented approach made me a repeat customer, even when I relocated to Toronto from Calgary." ★★★★★

Kseniya G.: "Amazing services, very professional and efficient. It was a pleasure dealing with you! Definitely will do again and recommend your services to my friends." ★★★★★

Ekaterina Q.: "I have worked with Evgeny on at least 3 occasions now, and every time I felt assured by Evgeny's knowledge and effectiveness as a professional. Often frustrated by my past dealings with the Russian officials, I appreciate having Evgeny in my corner!" ★★★★★

Svetlana E.: "Evgeny provides the best service ever. I highly recommend Evgeny to all my friends. Thank you for all your hard work, professionalism and patience!" ★★★★★

Natalia N.: "As usual, everything was absolutely perfect and clear! Thank you very much, Evgeny!" ★★★★★

Anton S.: "Thank you Evgeny for your professional service and quick response. Evgeny served us on Boxing Day as it was an urgent matter. Evgeny puts clients first and helps to understand their legal rights. Appreciate your business!" ★★★★★

Nadezhda Z.: "Evgeny, it was a real pleasure meeting you. I really appreciate your amazing work and all your help. You made my life so much easier. Thank you very much for everything! You are the best" ★★★★★

Ilona F.: "Evgeny, I just wanted to say thank you and that was a treat dealing with you. I haven't seen such a high level of professionalism in a while. You are sincerely unequivocally the best! Not sure what I would be doing without your help. I've been dreading this process for a long time and you made it easy and even enjoyable, and my mother happy! Very glad to have met you." ★★★★★

Irene P.: "The job was done in the most professional way, in a very short time (unlike other agencies) and at a really good price. Evgeny is a reliable and dedicated specialist who cares about his clients. Highly recommended." ★★★★★

Anastasia P.: "I've been using Evgeny's services since 2013. He always provides high quality work and excellent attention to detail. Evgeny is easy to get a hold of, and he is always on time with his work. Professional and high quality service! I would definitely recommend him to anybody!" ★★★★★

Yan H., Legal Administrative Assistant: "Thank you, your work looks so good!" ★★★★★

Pegi C. of Authentication Legalization Services Canada: "I recommend contacting this translator, he is very familiar with working with the Russian embassy requirements and is able to give guidance." ★★★★★

Vasily K.: "Evgeny, lots of thanks for your help today and a huge respect to you, as always!" ★★★★★

Tatiana N.: "Evgeny Zilberov provides the best Russian translation service in Calgary. I used his services several times and was very satisfied with Evgeny's work. I would highly recommend him to everybody." ★★★★★

Ekaterina L.: "I have worked with Evgeny on at least 3 occasions now, and every time I felt assured by Evgeny's knowledge and effectiveness as a professional. Often frustrated by my past dealings with the Russian officials, I appreciate having Evgeny in my corner!" ★★★★★

Eugene B.: "Evgeny is the best English-Russian and Russian-English legal translator in Alberta. I can say it based on my 8 years’ experience of living in Calgary, AB. His great legal experience and vast special knowledge, brilliant professional aptitude of grasping my business and legal documents' essence, accuracy, dependability, affordable prices and his bright charisma make him a pleasure to work with. I am surely pleased to recommend his translation service." ★★★★★

Nadia H.: "OMG, you are the best!! You saved me and I can't thank you enough! I am sure we will do more business in the future. I really love your style." ★★★★★

Alex G.: "I've been working with Evgeny for about 4 years now and it's been on very prompt and professional level. Evgeny always impresses me with his professionalism, fast and accurate service. Strongly recommended!" ★★★★★

Lee M.: "Thanks again for your amazing work. You’re always very professional. Svetlana and I are very grateful." ★★★★★

Larissa M.: "Thank you, Evgeny!! You're the best!" ★★★★★

Oleg W.: "Phenomenal and fast service that you won't get anywhere else. Thank you very much Evgeny." ★★★★★

Linda E.: "1000 thanks, Evgeny! You were a great help today!" ★★★★★

Natalie O.: "You are the best" ★★★★★

Ekaterina T.: "Evgeny, thank you for the excellent quality and your ongoing support! Always a pleasure to be talking to you!" ★★★★★

Konstantin L.: "Dealing with Evgeny has been a very positive experience throughout. He has been extremely professional in communication, while his translation was impeccable and timely. What's more, he was eager to go the extra mile and offer valuable advice on matters related to my documents. I am happy to recommend Evgeny for all translation needs." ★★★★★

Margaret R.: "Evgeny, as I've said before, because you conduct yourself with such grace and dignity, people love working with you!!! Good job!!!" ★★★★★

Ekaterina B.: "I know Evgeny since 2009. Evgeny provides high quality translation services that always exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to everyone who is seeking professional translation of their documents!" ★★★★★

Victoria M.: "Professional service and affordable prices! Thank you, Evgeny!!!" ★★★★★

Artyom A.: "Professional, prompt communication, excellent service." ★★★★★

Lili P.: "Excellent service, excellent translator and everything is fast and professional. Highly recommend!" ★★★★★

Yuliya P.: "Evgeny thanks a lot! Excellent service!!!" ★★★★★

Anton K.: "Evgeny has provided me with an excellent service. Thank you Evgeny for the positive experience and professional attitude!" ★★★★★

Alexander H.: "Great service! Professional and fast. Highly recommended!" ★★★★★

Tyler H.: "Evgeny was very quick and professional. It was a pleasure working with him and we definitely were not disappointed. Thanks Evgeny" ★★★★★

Andrei R.: "Thank you very much for translation, notary advice and accommodating me so early in the morning!" ★★★★★

Victoria G.: "Evgeny, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me today regarding your profession. Speaking with you was very informative as well as refreshing - its good to hear a realistic opinion about job sustainability within this profession. It also makes your achievements in the field all the more impressive." ★★★★★

Tatiana P.: "Evgeny, thank you so much!" ★★★★★

Sergey A.: "Professional, fast, helpful - 100% satisfaction guaranteed!" ★★★★★

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